Thursday, June 01, 2006

K-Fed Takes a Bath

No doubt you’ve seen those creepy new K-Fed photos. In a suit, with his hair neatly trimmed and coiffed, his facial hair gone, he barely looks like the K-Fed we know and loathe -- only the smirk remains. I’m sure the pictures will give me nightmares for weeks to come.

For better or worse, we at Catlebrity have managed to get hold of some candid pix of Mr. Spears getting prepared for the photoshoot. Reportedly, he scratched and bit at first -- he’s nervous around soap and water -- but once he got tired out he began to relax, and the smirk returned.

I can only hope that Brit Brit will arrange some more dress-up photoshoots for K. Sure, he looks scary in a suit, but wouldn’t he look great dressed as a pirate, or a monkey, or a sexy nurse?

For more Catlebritified K-Fed, see K-Fed’s Brazilian Wax and K-Fed in the doghouse.

Who’s stankier, K-Fed or Kid Rock? Compare for yourself here.

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