Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No cash for K-Fed! (Who also can't rap.)

Poor, poor K-Fed. Literally. He stops off at the ATM the other night to pick up some of his wife’s cash for booze and whoring, or whatever it is he does, only to have his card denied. Bam! Then they won’t let him rent The Princess Diaries 2 at the local Blockbuster. So he heads home for an evening of drunk channel-surfing on the couch. At least Brit Brit hasn’t cut off the cable yet!

UPDATE: You may recall hearing that Brit Brit laughed out loud after hearing rough takes from K-Fed's allegedly upcoming album. Well, bless the Internets: Some of them songs have LEAKED, and Stereogum has a MP3 snippet of one of them! The music itself, not bad, with some crunchy percussion and echoey sonar blips. K-Fed himself -- well, he's better than Bai Ling. But then again so is a screeching teapot. The song does clear up one thing I've been wondering about: K-Fed is not pronouced as if you're talking about that place where Alan Greenspan works. It's K-Fade. Yep, fade, just like what's now happening to his dreams of a music career.

Don't quit your day job, dude! Whatever that is.

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