Monday, October 31, 2005

On Halloween, Everyone's a Kitty

Apparently heeding my sage advice, Paris Hilton dressed up as a slutty cat for Halloween. At least I think that's what she was trying to be. Her tail's too long for her to be a bunny, though it's possible she was trying to impersonate a fox. In any case, her outfit was exceedingly slutty and tacky and, well, it worked. Never before have I found her even a little bit hott, but now I almost sort of do.

Check out flickr for a vast assortment of halloween kitties, from which this little collage was assembled. (Idea inspired by Cityrag, which has an assortment of halloween dog pix for your edification and amusement.)

Alan Greenspan as Yoda, dead celebrities and other scary Halloween masks from Though none of them are quite as scary as the Martha Stewart and Dennis Kozlowski masks they did a couple years back..

Or, as Defamer suggests, you could just go as K. Fed: "Grab a 40, a bag of Cheetos, and a chain from grandma’s jewelry box, and you’re good to go at a total price of less than ten bucks."

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