Sunday, January 01, 2006

K-Fed's Brazilian Wax

K-Fed has gone Brazilian! No, not down there. (As far as I know; I’m guessing he’s got shrubbery pretty much everywhere).

No, he’s gone Brazilian on his new single, PopoZao, which apes the mutant Brazilian rap genre known a Baile Funk. (The song’s title is Brazilian slang for “big butt,” apparently.)

Anyway, I find Kev’s new musical direction very distressing. Because, dammit, I LOVE BAILE FUNK, an energetic mixture of old school drum machine beats, oddball samples and lots of yelling in Portuguese. Heck, the backing track for Kev’s new rap actually isn’t bad. The only real problem with it is, well, the vocal styings of one of the stankiest men alive!

We can only hope K-Fed doesn’t decide to piss on other Brazilian music greats like Jorge Ben or Carmen Miranda.

K-Fed, O Yi Yi Yi Yi I Hate-A You Very Much!

PS: In case you're wondering, that's not Brit Brit with him in the picture. It's the Cat in the Hat with a Miranda-esque turban of fruit.

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