Thursday, December 29, 2005

Shake Your Body Body, Parasito!

We’re back, bitches! Merry 4 days after Christmas!

Anyhoo, the votes have been tallied -- well, the one vote, our vote -- and Cat.Lebrity’s pick for Greatest Celebrity-Related Song of the Year is .... “Paris Hilton” by MU!

OK, technically it was released in 2004, but here at Cat.Lebrity we’re a tad slow. And really, this song probably deserves to win every year for the next ten years. Basically, the song consists of Mu screaming incoherently about Paris over synth bleeps and siren blasts and crazy drum machine beats:

Move your body-body
Shake your body-body
Jump your body-body
Paris Hilton!

With Mu’s thick Japanese accent, “ Paris Hilton” comes out sounding more like “Parasito.” Which seems appropriate enough. The rest of the lyrics are a little hard to decipher, though at one point Mu, as Paris, describes herself as “the richest party dumb girl” (or something like that) and invites us to watch her sex tape.

But why take my word for it? Here’s the insane video, complete with hearts, skulls, blood, humping unicorns, a tea party, and frantic chicken dancing.

As you can see in the picture above, Mu’s done her hair up in a way that makes her look a little like a kitty. Yay!

UPDATE: We happily welcome our Slovenian visitors!

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