Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cat Poop in Ann Coulter's Face

Witless Nazi harridan Ann Coulter was in the news recently -- for committing voter fraud! Well, sort of. She apparently voted in the wrong precinct in a Palm Beach council election. (Apparently she also voted for Hamas. See what troubles democracy can bring you?)

That’s not really a very exciting story, the whole voting-in-the-wrong-precinct thing. It’s not like she SHOT some dude in the face. But hey, it’s not like celeb baby bumps are exactly news either. So Ann is getting the Catlebrity makeover.

I didn’t feel right about pasting her cadaverous face on some innocent cat. But putting her head in a toilet, facing the business end of a cat’s butt? Well, that feels so right it should probably be illegal. Watch out for THESE hanging chads!

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