Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bob-Your-Head-With-K-Fed links

Links by the galore:

Mariah dances in a tub of butter.

This picture of Marlon Brando is very very very very very very dirty.

Sometimes I make little electronic songs on my computer and I am very proud of them and I listen to them and bob my head. Which is, admittedly, very dorky. What I DON'T do, though, is use my rich wife's money to pay someone else to produce tracks for me, then defile them with my stupid raps, then play them back and bob my head WHILE SOMEONE FILMS ME. So in conclusion, that’s why I am not K-Fed.

Matthew B. cannot resist the mystical powers of Jessica Alba's ass. (Thanks cityrag!)

The precise locations of Fergie'’s lady lumps revealed at last! Oh dear God, there's more! And even more than that!

Hey, is that Courtney -- or Brit Brit?

Milla Jovavitch is a man, baby!

Tara inadvertently forgets to get wasted.

Sharon Stone is apparently starring in a movie about zombies.

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