Thursday, January 12, 2006

Slough Witted

So I was looking through my traffic logs the other day and noticed I had gotten a visitor from Slough. Slough the city, that is, not the actual Slough of Despond.

You may know Slough, not one of Merrie Old England’s merrier spots, as the locale of BBC’s hilarious show The Office.

It’s also, I discovered recently, the location of a unique social experiment in forced cheerfulness, which also happens to be a BBC show, in which a pack of experts descend upon the town with the aim of Making Slough Happy.

They’ve even got a little Happiness Manifesto, encouraging everyone to do happy things like exercising, planting plants, and even smiling wantonly at strangers. (Does leering count? I do that all the time already!)

Anyhoo, it seems to me that the Slough Happy-Makers are forgetting a most basic source of happiness, and of the occasional extremely smelly poop: Kitties! So we here at cat.lebrity are launching our own campaign: MAKING SLOUGH HAPPY ... WITH KITTIES!

Alert your cats and let the happiness begin!

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