Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Let's all stare, shall we?

We’re Number Three!

We’re Number Five! (Er, on page 2.)

Whitney is Nutrageous!

“Hey! I’m UP HERE! Look me in the EYES when you talk to me! I mean... WOAH! OHMYGOD those are AMAZING! DO you mind if I stare at them too?”

Sweet sweet exfoliating love!

Ooh! That really was a terrible outfit. And that one. And THAT one. That one too. No, that one isn’t any better. No, still terrible. That’s even worse! Who dresses you people anyway? I swear, these are just getting worse and worse! AAAGH! My EYES!!!

Given her troubles dressing herself, clearly Mariah’s best option is to run around practically nude. I mean, more so that usual.

Who knew Marisa Tomei looked so good from that angle?

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