Monday, October 24, 2005

Melissa Rivers: Almost black?

Joan Rivers, bless her catty soul, threw a magnificent hissy fit on a BBC radio show last week after another guest suggested she hated black people . After a little verbal scuffle, she extracted an apology from her accuser, who was there promoting a film about his mixed-race kid. "Thank you,” she said. “Please continue about your stupid film."

I’m with Joan here, not only because she's turning into a kitty, but because all she'd said was that she was “so, so bored of race. I think people should inter-marry. Everybody should be part this, part that and part everything.”

Later on, expanding on this theme, she told another interviewer that given the amount of interracial boinking he did in her youth it was sort of a miracle that Melissa wasn't born black.

It’s true! As you can see from the photo above, the other kittens in Melissa's litter came out all sorts of colors.

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